The “Girarrosto del Buongustaio”’s restaurant was born on May the 1st 1977 and was characterized by a homely management which is still its main feature.

It’s only 4 kilometres distant from Orvieto and 7 kilometres from the toll-gate of the A/1, going on towards Bolsena-Viterbo.

The inside of the restaurant has two rooms to which a bar, a fireplace for the cooking of meat dishes and a bathroom with facilities for disabled are attached. Even the entrance is provided with an easy access ramp.

The outside is characterized by a panoramic terrace whose enviable position is suitable for admiring the surrounding countryside and the tuff crag on which Orvieto stands. The town is dominated by the Cathedral and its façade, the chief characters of so many photos and pictures made by wandering artists.

Even if the terrace is an important feature of the restaurant, its peculiarity lies in the gastronomic specialities it offers: hors d’oeuvres; fresh pasta of different kinds and with different stuffing; bread baked on a wood oven; meat dishes cooked on a griddle, and so on.

During the winter game dishes are available, together with mushrooms and truffles of the best quality. In the evening you can taste an exquisite pizza baked on a wood oven.In addition to the culinary specialities the restaurant offers a well-stocked wine-cellar where you can find excellent local wines as well as great Italian names and prestigious foreign wines. A happy end would be the tasting of a home-made sweetmeat, followed by a “grappa” or a distillate produced by renowned companies.


Girarrosto del Buongustaio 

S.S. 71 Loc. Tamburino 81 05018 ORVIETO (TR) Italy

Telephone and Fax (+39)763341935